Synthesis Strategies II

Affiliate University: 
University of Groningen
Main lecturer(s): 
Prof. Dr. A.J. Minnaard

In practice, a chemist is confronted with a given target molecule, sometimes together with a given starting material. This course teaches the way to integrate the knowledge obtained in the preceding courses in organic chemistry and use this integrated knowledge for the design of a plausible synthesis route to a given target. In addition a number of novel synthesis strategies are introduced.


  • Students should be able to analyse a given synthesis route in terms of molecular complexity, sensitivity (reactivity), convergence and key transformations.
  • Students should be able to critically compare given synthesis routes to a target molecule in terms of step count, yield, and practicality.
  • Students should be able to propose a protecting group strategy for a given synthesis route.
  • Students should be able to apply the key synthetic transformations treated in this course in a design of a synthesis route to a given target molecule.
  • Students should be able to design a synthesis route of 4 to 6 steps, including reagents and reaction conditions, given either the target molecule or both the starting material and the target molecule.