NRSCB Master Program ends in 2017

NRSCB has decided not to offer the master program anymore from 2017 onwards. We are currently looking to set up a special program targeted at PhD students. We'll provide more information on these plans at a later stage.

We would like to thank all the students for their enthusiastic participation!

Excellent NRSCB students wanted for the 2016-2017 program

We are looking for excellent students in fields related to 'Chemical Biology' (chemistry, life sciences, biology) who are finishing their Bachelor program this year. The program is open to all students from the LU, TUE, RUG and RU.

Leiden Chemical Biology Lectures

The Leiden Institute of Chemistry is proud to offer the “Leiden Chemical Biology Lectures”. This lecture series aims to bring excellent researchers in the field of chemical biology to our university, and to expose our students to top science conducted in this area. The Lecture series further exemplifies the focus within Leiden Institute of Chemistry on understanding biological processes at the molecular level to strengthen the knowledge base of human health and disease.

A new Graduate Programme

Research in Chemical Biology has matured the past decade and is driving the progress in fundamental and applied chemical sciences worldwide. The four participating Dutch universities (LU, RU, RUG and TUE) each have their own strong local research and educational programmes in this field. The national research school of chemical biology brings the different and complementary interests and expertise in Chemical Biology together in a single platform where (undergraduate) students, PhD students and academic staff can meet and interact.